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tv   Newsline 30min  KCSMMHZ  March 25, 2013 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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european leaders have put together a deal to rescue cyprus from an economic meltdown. they agreed on a package to save the banking system from collapse. plus, the long and risky road to shutting down a nuclear plant. we see what operators of japan's damaged facility in fukushima
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could learn from the work germans are doing to decommission reactors. welcome to nhk world "newsline." chinese president xi jinping is nurturing relations with leaders on a continent his country has come to rely on for trade and for natural resources. he's on a tour of africa. part of his first trip abroad as president. xi jinping meant tanzania president jakaya kikwete. china's state-run media reports he spoke about the ties between their countries, which were first established by mao zedong and other chinese leaders. it also reports kikwete said tanzania will firmly back china on important issues concerning its territorial sovereignty. analysts say president xi likely tried to secure support regarding disputed islands in the east china sea, which japan controls, but china and taiwan claim. chinese and tanzanian officials
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agreed to cooperate in various fields. including investment and infrastructure expansion. president xi will visit the republic of congo and attend the brics summit in south africa. the group of emerging economies includes the host nation, brazil, india, russia and china. xi jinping's nine-day diplomatic tour started off last friday in russia. before he arrived chinese media say government officials secured china's biggest arms deal with russia in a decade. the purchase is worth about $3 billion and is expected to include 24 fighters jets and four submarines. president xi and president vladimir putin agreed during their meeting to strengthen military exchanges and cooperation. china and russia are expected to announce further cooperation in developing military technology such as surface-to-air missile and aerial tankers. chinese defense ministry representatives say their
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military relationship with russia is not directed at any third country. but the weapons deal comes as china remains locked in a dispute with neighboring nations over territory in the east china sea and the south china sea. chinese leaders are expanding their military budget. the country's defense spending has surged nearly fourfold in the past decade. populous, prosperous, pushing ahead. china's ride, power, and problems. an income gap divides it's people, pollution threatens their health, and trained relations with their neighbors. find out about the challenges china faces on "newsline." police in south korea say a cyber attack is being
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investigated. malware affected tv stations and banks say it disabled more than 32,000 computers. members of a task force have detected ip addresses to the u.s. and three european countries. they have not disclosed the names, but they have asked for cooperation to track down the original source of the cyber attacks. investigators are also checking if ip addresses in any other countries were used. japan and the european union decided to start negotiations in april for an economic partnership agreement. the decision came after telephone talks. the euments the japanese government to stake steps for
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the conclusion of the epa. japanese business leaders were called on to abolish nontariff barriers on public projects. the business leaders met in tokyo. japanese companies are hoping to increase trade and investment with the eu, and help create jobs if the epa is concluded, but the eu says that it is restricting and that makes it difficult to enter the market. >> i will take stock on the progress made by japan. in implementing the road maps and railway procurements and the conclusion will be that the progress has not been satisfactory, the negotiations will be suspended. >> eurozone finance ministers, and government leaders have reached an agreement to bail out
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cyprus. they held an emergency meeting in brussels facing an end of day deadline. they agreed to a bailout worth 10 billion euros or $13 billion. >> we've put an end to the uncertainty has that affected cyprus and the euro area over the last few days. >> the ministers agreed to shut down cyprus' second largest bank laiki. holders of deposits of more than 100,000 euros or $130,000 will have to take losses. it's not yet clear how severe those losses will be. so-called good assets will be folded into the country's largest bank, the bank of cyprus. deposits of more than 100,000 euros at that point will be frozen. the minister agreed to protect deposits up to $100,000. >> it's clear that the crisis in cyprus means that the near future will be very difficult for the country, and all its
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people, for its people. the commission will do everything possible to alleviate the social consequences of this economic shock. and help to protect the most vulnerable people. >> government leaders had proposed a tax of up to 9.9% on bank deposits. but last week parliament rejected their plan. the european central bank had threatened to stop emergency funding by the end of the day if negotiators failed to reach a deal. japanese depositors saw a upswing in stocks since mid-november the nk of japan released the results of its quarterly funds result on monday. outstanding balance of personal financial assets stood at $16.3 trillion as of the end of
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december. it's a gain of 2.5%. now, this rise is the sharpest since 2006. that's when japan was enjoying its longest stretch of post-war economic growth. the value of equities rose 12.2%. and investment trusts or mutual funds by 9.5%. observers say personal financial assets are likely to continue growing due to the ongoing rise in stock prices. people are also saving more money. also watching where japanese consumers will start spending again. major department stores are already reporting a rise in the sales of luxury items. two leading shipbuilders in japan are teaming up to build and market liquefied natural gas carriers. due to the extensive development we're seeing now of shale gas fields in the united states. executives of mitsubishi heavy industries and imabari
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shipbuilding announced on monday they will set up a joint venture. mitsubishi heavy will own 51% of the company. mitsubishi heavy has expertise in energy saving technology. while imabari has know-how in shipbuilding. they say this will put them in a position to compete with major rivals in south korea and other countries. here are the latest market figures.
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deadly religious violence in central myanmar has drawn the attention of the united nations and there are increasing concerns about the fighting spreading to other areas. the u.n. secretary general special advisor visited some of the sights where many muslims were forced to flee their homes. during the visit, he expressed concern about the violence
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denouncing those responsible. >> they will be caught and punished. >> the violence erupted after a argument between a gold shop between a couple and shop owners. nearly 200 houses and buildings were set ablaze. there was a state of emergency declared on friday, placing the military in charge of security. however, the ap news agency reports that the violence has spread to two other towns in the heartland of the country. last year religious conflict also led to a state of emergency
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there. the highest course has ruled against granting residency to filipino maids. the landmark ruling affects hundreds of thousands of foreign domestic helpers living in the southern chinese financial hub. hong kong's top court ruled unanimously on monday that two filipino maids who have been working there for over 20 years are not eligible to apply for permanent residency. the judgment stated that foreign domestic helpers are told from the outset that a mission to hong kong is not for purpose of settlement. under hong kong's constitution, foreigners would qualify to become permanent residents after spending seven years there. but domestic helpers don't have the same status and other foreign residents. >> it's regrettable that the opportunity has been lost on this occasion to strike a blow for equality and nondiscrimination. >> hong kong is holding nearly 300,000 maids, mainly from southeast asian countries.
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>> translator: why are our contracts different from other foreigners? we are unhappy because the hong kong government treats us unfairly. this is discrimination. >> in 2011, hong kong's lower court ruled that the filipino pair had the right to seek permanent residency in the state. the case has been the center of controversy. critics say granting residency would bring an influx of more foreign domestic helpers, which could strain the densely populated city's social services, health and education systems. emerging economic powers still struggling with poverty. citizens still demanding democracy. the threat of violence, the push for peace, and the shadow of conflict. get news and insight every weekday "live from bangkok."
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german politicians are reconsidering their plans for a permanent nuclear waste storage facility. people living near the proposed site have expressed strong opposition to the idea. the site right now is the only location being considered. residents are concerned the radioactive waste could contaminate ground water. environment minister peter altmaier says the government will form a panel to review the plan. members will include people from environmental groups and religious organizations. they'll draw up guidelines to help the government choose a candidate site by the end of 2015. they're going to reconsider gorleben as a possible location for the nuclear waste. german leaders are also working to shut down the plants that churn out that waste. they want all of their country's nuclear reactors to be offline by 2022. the accident at japan's
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fukushima daiichi plant encouraged their decision. as nhk world shows us, the decommissioning process is long and dangerous. >> reporter: the nuclear plant was once a source of power for homes across the eastern part of germany. 1 in 10 households got their energy from the complex. the plant began operations in 1973. it generated energy for about 20 years. in 1990, safety concerns prompted the government to order all five reactors to be shut down. crews started the decommissioning process five years later. it took them another ten years to remove all the fuel from the units. and they're still working to extract components like this
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steam generator. >> translator: we need to thoroughly check whether radiation levels are within standards. we also take great care in monitoring worker's radiation exposure. >> reporter: workers in protective suits use high-pressure water jets to decontaminate components removed from the reactor building. then they transport the parts to a temporary storage site inside the plant. a radiation reading near the site shows 15 per hour. at that level, it would take someone just 20 hours to reach the limit for annual radiation exposure. >> translator: it will take more than 30 years for the components' radiation levels to be lowered. until then, they will be kept here in the interim storm facility. >> reporter: radiation levels are still dangerously high. so workers cannot go inside the reactors.
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they dismantled the plant with robots by remote control. government leaders hope to clear the site by around 2050. more than half a century after decommissioning began. but the process could take even longer. they still haven't found the final storage site for components that are highly radioactive. nhk world, berlin. relatives of japanese citizens who were abducted and taking to north korea are calling on their government to bring their loved ones home. monday marks the anniversary of a foundation of the abductee's families. they have identified 17 victims. they took place in the 1970s and
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1980s. kim jong-il admitted they have abducted them, and they returned five. many parents of the victims believe that the claims are not true. they're still trying to find out what happened to their relatives. shigeo iizuka's sister was abducted. >> translator: we want them to think about what they can do right now. >> talks between tokyo and pyongyang have been stalled because of north korea's nuclear and missile programs. chess fans around the globe watched in 1997 as world
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champion gary kasparov lost to a super computer named deep blue. fans of a japanese variant of the game followed along last year when a retired master lost to another computer. he died in december of cancer. he left other players this message. >> he was already retired when he lost, so no professional player has lost to a computer. but that could well change with a competition under way now. nhk world reports. >> reporter: shogi players face an endless amount of choices on every move. the game has turned to the tenth power more patterns than chess. shogi shares the same roots as chess. they both come from an indian game that arose in the sixth century. the biggest difference between
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shogi and other variants is the drop rule. captured pieces can be returned to the board to be reused as one's own. some of the game's top players are testing their abilities against computers. he is just 18 years old. he lined up against a developer. and his program. amateur developers such as takiushi and professionals from universities and corporations have been fine-tuning their software. they compete in annual world championships. the top five developers got to enter their software in this competition. takeushi and others sat down in the morning. his computer checked more than 10 million moves per second. hour after hour. gradually, he gained the upper
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hand. finally, after more than eight hours, the machine conceded defeat. >> translator: i was nervous until i sat down in front the shogi board. but once i was seated, i was able to collect my thoughts and i had fun playing against the computer. >> reporter: players and computers will compete for the next four saturdays. in the final battle, a top ten shogi player will take on an automated opponent with a twist. a super computer will draw on the power of nearly 800 machines. nhk world, tokyo. rain on and off today in tokyo. it should clear up by tomorrow. for more, here's meteorologist robert speta.
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the good news is high pressure coming in from behind today's storm, that's bringing fair weather. a little to the north, you have pressure moving through china there. let's look farther towards the south. unfortunately, japan here, you're going to be seeing the sunny skies, but that will start coming in. they are bringing heavy showers across there. you can be seeing 50 to 150 millimeters. we saw severe storms in the same year last week, and there is the risk of large hail, gusty winds, and you cannot rule out a tornado with this. cooler air to the north, warm temperatures to the south.
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hong kong alt 22 here for your high, shanghai getting down there 11 degrees cooler. meanwhile, tokyo with 14 here. that's average for this time of year. that same temperature you should be seeing here into late march. let's look towards the americas. a very late season snowstorm bringing heavy accumulations across much of the midwest. i wanted to show you what it looked like on the ground here. you see that low out there really trying to take care of this mess. very late season snowstorm. then also previously moved through colorado and kansas. and all of that snowfall and gusty winds will work it's way farther hear towards the eastern
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sea board. this is on your monday. that's where the worst of it is going to be, you're already seeing snowfall in the northern portions of the carolinas. look at all of that clear weather coming in behind it, much cooler air coming in, unfortunately, and very, very dry. not just the cold temperatures are spilling down, but towards georgia and the deep south, you're going to be looking out for the risk of fire weather. dry air and cooler temperatures. let's look towards europe, but winter is really in place here as well. very unusual for late march. following behind all of that cold arctic air and that jet stream. that's going to bring some thunderstorm activity with it, very heavy rain showers as well.
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i want to talk about this one into italy and the balkins. you're also going to be seeing all of that precipitation and that very, well -- not very high accumulations of snowfall. and there will be 70 and 80 k kilometer per hour winds. that is a look at your weather, here is your extended forecast.
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this is the season when birds prepare to migrate.
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we're wrapping up with wing to wonders defense unit. getting ready to fly home. pilots with the blue impulse team performed tricks to say fair well their term rare home. the 2011 earthquake and tsunami damaged the area. they performed a 40-minute show. >> they were great, i'm sad they're leaving. >> they were great. >> they're scheduled to start training next month at their home base. that's "newsline" for this hour. from all of us here at nhk
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world, thank you for joining us.
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